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How to Set up an Algolia Instasearch App on your Strattic Site

Before you get started This guide assumes you’re bringing your own Algolia index, and not using Strattic’s index of your site. From there, you will need three things for the app to work: Application ID (e.g. ABCDEF12345) Search API key (e.g. asdf1234asdf1234asdf1234) Index name (e.g. wp_posts_index) These can all be found in your

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Front-End Only Load More Example

While Strattic offers pagination for blogs and other post types out of the box, that may not be your style. There are times when you may want a quick way to test or implement a “Load More” button instead of asking your users to click through paginated pages. If our

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Check for Preview or Live Headers

If you want to add something, additional scripts for instance, to only the Live or Preview static site, you can add something like the following to your functions.php file, a custom plugin, or to a custom theme:

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Static Load More Example

As you may know by now, calls to admin-ajax.php will not work on your static Strattic site (say that five times fast 🤓 ). But, all your hard work is not lost, and in many cases, a static ajax solution can be fairly straightforward to implement. Here is an example

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Form DOM Submission Actions on Strattic

Strattic offers out-of-the-box integrations with several form solutions. If you need to listen for custom form actions, this doc is for you. Strattic offers out-of-the-box integrations with several form solutions, including Gravity Forms, Contact Form 7, and Elementor Forms. Many form integrations have JavaScript DOM actions that fire throughout the

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Implementing FuseJS for Static Search

What sort of custom search solutions are possible on Strattic? Just about everyone who has a PHP or admin-ajax based search solution… This is a difficult question to answer, since there are an unlimited number of options available 🤓 .

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