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Getting Setup and Going with Serverless Functions

This page will contain links and quick instructions for getting set up with the Serverless framework and also Netlify Functions. Currently the Serverless Framework is going to give you more integration options with cloud providers like AWS, GCP, Azure, and others, so we might recommend going that route if you plan on implementing several of these, and most of the examples in our repo will feature the Serverless Framwork as the main way to

However, Netlify does make it very easy to get these going! 🤓

So, you can choose, we might recommend trying both!

The JavaScript examples should work on both platforms with minor changes. The PHP examples will use Bref, which relies on the Serverless Framework.

Ok, get set up and start having some fun!

Serverless Framework

Get set up with the Serverless Framework by following these instructions.

There are different providers that the Serverless Framework interacts with, but here are links to the main three you might connect with:

There are several guidestutorials, and examples you can reference and draw from when you’re getting started (and later down the road when you’ve forgotten as well 😉 ).

Netlify and Netlify Functions

There is a free and quick course available on how to get set up with Netlify Functions here.

You can use this repo as a template starter (referenced in the course).

Here are a few more helpful links in the Netlify Functions documentation:

Next steps…

Once you’re set up, you’re ready to wade (or jump!) in and create your own functions and services!

Looking for some ideas, starters, or examples of functions and services you can create?