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Serverless Repo

With the following serverless functions and services, you can extend the functionality of your statically generated WordPress site on Strattic.

Here are some examples and we will be adding to this list on a regular basis.

Geolocation with Netlify Edge Functions

We’ve covered geolocation in a few other services, but this will really tie everything together. If you’d like to see the updated code repository, you can check that out here on Github. We will be: You will need a Netlify account, which is free, so get signed up and come

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Introduction to Serverless Functions and Services

Strattic is great for making sure that your website is über-fast, secure, and scalable by making your WordPress static. This is great, and at the same time, it might mean there are some limitations to which plugins or services can be used on your site. Never fear, serverless functions and

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Getting Setup and Going with Serverless Functions

This page will contain links and quick instructions for getting set up with the Serverless framework and also Netlify Functions. Currently the Serverless Framework is going to give you more integration options with cloud providers like AWS, GCP, Azure, and others, so we might recommend going that route if you

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A “Breif” PHP Example with Bref

This is the basic example using the Bref plugin with the Serverless framework. Bref creates a runtime for PHP on AWS so you can use PHP to write out your functions instead of JavaScript. More information on Bref is available here.

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How to Check the IP Address of a Visitor

Sometimes you need to check where someone’s IP address. However, you cannot do this directly in the browser, and traditionally you might have relied on a PHP server server to do this work. Never fear, a serverless service is here! 🤓

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Use an IP Address to Get Location Info with ipstack

While you might already know how to check for an IP address, you might also want to gather a little more information about a user’s location based on their IP address. ipstack (yes, all lowercased) is one of the best services for this, and you can get started for free.

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Send Form Submissions to MailChimp

There are several newsletter services, but MailChimp is one of the old standbys. If you need to collect contact information, or if you want to send any information to another service, this function is for you! With this function, we essentially create a webhook to talk to a 3rd party

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